Gary McConnell, with Twenty- Five years of business experience saw the need, and indeed, the opportunity to supply purpose designed and quality coatings to the fledging Refinishing Industry in Australia and New Zealand.

During Gary's many months of research he became increasingly aware of the lack of consumer knowledge and awareness about an industry that simply saved consumers hundreds of dollars, whilst not compromising on quality or durability.

Gary's extensive research continually threw up the name of Integrity Refinishing Coatings, situated in Dallas, Texas as the leading researcher, manufacturer and training provider of resurfacing products. Many months of dialogue and visits to Texas resulted in the birth of Integrity Coatings Australia Pty Ltd as the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor of Integrity Refinishing Coatings.

To hone his skills and knowledge, Gary took a hands- on approach, studying and working with refinishing contractors in the USA and Asia. He will continue to take this approach to ensure that the very latest techniques and procedures are available to his customers.

Gary runs his own very successful refinishing business on the Gold Coast, 'Astute Resurfacing', thus giving him the experience and knowledge to pass on to others wishing to enter this unique, fast growing and extremely profitable industry.

Gary is committed to promoting the Refinishing Industry in Australia and New Zealand to create the long overdue awareness of an industry that saves consumers time, expense and inconvenience. To achieve this aim, Gary is actively looking for applicators throughout Australia and New Zealand who are committed to the highest quality of workmanship, a desire to own their own profitable business or expand on their existing business, a high work ethic and to providing their customers with value for money.